Sexuality Issues in Men


Sexuality issues can be more common among men who believe themselves to be emasculated.  Difficulties with issues of sexulity can reinforce the negative self belief of being an emasculated male.  Sexuality issues can range from confusion over one’s sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction issues and sexually addictive behaviours.

Sexuality Issues Expanded

  • Sexual Orientation Confusion

    • It is common for men who believe themselves to be (even if unconsciously) emasculated to also experience confusion or doubts around their sexual orientation.  They may in their personal fantasy world be attracted to the opposite sex however the overwhelming personal feeling of being emasculated creates a certain sense of internal doubt.  This is different from men who fantasize about the same-sex but are afraid to come out.
  • Sexual Dysfunction (i.e. impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation)

    • If a man feels inadequate as a man or is struggling with his sense of masculinity it may expose itself most starkly during intimate sexual experiences.  The man may blame himself for his sexual dysfunction and sadly may blame it on the fact that he must truly be an emasculated male.  Sexual dysfunction can imprint and impress on the man the negative self-belief of being emasculated.  Sexual dysfunction can take the form of impotence (erectile dysfunction) or premature ejaculation to name just two of the more common forms.
  • Sexually Addictive Behaviours (i.e. sex addition, porn addiction)

    • Sexually addictive behaviours in the form of a sexual addiction or compulsive viewing of pornography act as a safe alternative to being found out to be inadequate by other individuals. For the man it may feel safer to pay for sex or to engage in anonymous sex or view porn because the other parties involved in these behaviours will never tell on the man.  The man may feel safe because they have experienced a sexual release and can do so anonymously.  Sadly, these behaviours continue to reinforce a man’s negative schema of being or feeling emasculated.
  1. Emasculated Male (Gender Shame)
  2. Effeminate Behaviours
  3. Isolation & Loneliness
  4. Barriers to Intimacy

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 “Sexuality issues become a natural by product for men who believe themselves to be emasculated”