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Men Therapy Toronto - Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation & Loneliness

Isolation & loneliness becomes the inevitable end result rooted in the faulty or negative held belief of feeling emasculated. Once a man has fully internalized the belief that at some level they are inadequate as men it leaves them little option but to isolate and remain alone. Isolation is the negative consequence of feeling emasculated.

The man isolated is doing so because relationships generally cause pain. If a man has experienced repeated negative sexual experiences as a result of sexual dysfunction being in a romantic relationship becomes something that must be avoided. If a man is often ridiculed by other men as a result of what is perceived to be effeminate behaviors then being around other men needs to be avoided. A situation becomes created whereby relationships of meaning and depth with individuals of either gender become difficult and oftentimes even painful.

As a result, the man decides that the best option is to remain isolated. The man feels tremendous pain from being alone and isolated yet that pain becomes less painful than the alternative.

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Isolation & loneliness generally become barriers to intimacy and are medicated by other coping behaviours. These coping behaviours could include additions, compulsively working, anger, fear, anxiety, dogmatic approach to a faith tradition or even spirituality.


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