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Sexual Dysfunction

Men Therapy Toronto - Sexual Dysfunction

Men Therapy Toronto

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

Sexual dysfunction is the term used to describe a problem related to not being able to function sexually. All men will experience some form of sexual dysfunction at certain periods in their life. More chronic issues of sexual dysfunction can potentially be related back to how a man feels about himself as a man. A man who believes himself (even if unconsciously) to be emasculated (i.e. not man enough) will most likely experience ongoing sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual dysfunction paradoxically reinforces the negative self-belief and acts to protect the man from exposing that belief. It is better to not perform sexually than it is to perform and be found out to be lacking or inadequate as a man.

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Impotence | Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence is the inability to sustain an erection during intercourse or more commonly referred to as, ‘not being able to get it up.’  A man who feels inadequate as a man or emasculated is lacking access to his own power which is what impotence means, ‘to lack power.’  In a heterosexual relationship, a woman becomes a hazard more than a potential partner for a man who feels emasculated. The woman has power more than anyone else to prove to the man unequivocally that he is lacking as a man.

Without access to his power as a result of feeling inadequate as a man, it becomes nearly impossible for the man to achieve a sustained erection or even an erection period. He is actually in terror at the moment of physical intimacy and that sense of fear will make the erection literally impossible. The experience of impotence also reinforces the man’s negative self-belief and he starts to believe even more deeply that he is lacking as a man.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the experience of having an orgasm extremely soon after physical intimacy is initiated. Like impotence, this experience is one that all men will have experienced occasionally. Premature ejaculation is a time a flight response to the fear of lacking in one’s power.

Men Therapy Toronto - Premature Ejaculation


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