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Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are often what drive individuals and men to seek help. Relationship issues include but are not limited to issues that arise between two individuals in a committed relationship such as a marriage or common law partnership. Relationship issues also include issues that arise with children, family members, co-workers, and friends. The issues in relationships generally support the individual to accept that something is not working. Most often at the onset of relationship struggles is the desire to blame the other partner. Often individuals will decide that the healthiest thing they can do for themselves is to ‘cut’ the other person out of their life or more commonly referred to as creating a strict ‘boundary’ with the other person. However, the real problem arises when the same issues arise but this time with a new person. Once the same pattern begins to repeat itself then the individual opens more to the possibility there may an issue at play within themselves. Common relationship issues themes include:

  • Ending romantic relationships yet starting a new relationship with a similar partner
  • Quitting or changing jobs as a result of having a poor manager
  • Feeling disconnected or disinterested in a current relationship
  • Isolating from most relationships
  • Lack of communication in relationships

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Relationship Issues as Guidance

For men relationship issues can provide a form of guidance as to where they can look more closely at themselves. This introspection does not negate that at times one may be dealing with an objectively difficult person. However, what is of significance is the individual response to that person and the impact it has. A relationship issue is often rooted in a negative or faulty belief and most times that negative or faulty belief is of oneself.

The negative or faulty belief can cloud the individual’s view of the other person and the relationship. The goal of therapy is to more clearly see the pattern of relationship issues that have emerged and what one can learn about oneself from that pattern.


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