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Life Purpose

Men Therapy Toronto - Life Purpose

Men Therapy Toronto

Life Purpose

Many men struggle with the question of their life purpose. They may feel that what they are doing at the moment is not what they want to be doing or they know that they could be doing more. It often presents itself as restlessness or even a stirring. They may see another man, maybe a friend or family member, who seems to be living their life purpose and become envious.

At moments there may be faint attempts at making a change but then it falls flat. The question of life’s purpose is very important because it is connected with a man’s potential. When a man is fulfilling their potential they are also living their life purpose.

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Life Purpose Perspective

The truth about finding a life purpose is the simple fact that it is impossible to be more than you already are at this exact moment. It does not matter where you are and what you are doing while you are reading these words as you already are essentially whole (even if you don’t feel that way). This is very important to accept because many men use life purpose as a future-oriented quick-fix solution. The thinking translates generally as follows, ‘once I find my life purpose I will feel great about myself, all my struggles will go away and people will love and admire me.’

The fantasy of what life would feel like once a man lives his life purpose at some point in the future is almost more powerful that the life purpose itself. Life purpose is not a goal to be reached but rather is simply the positive consequence of many small and courageous choices over a long period of time. Your life purpose will find you once you are ready for it.

Helping find Your Life Purpose

Your present life is the gateway to your life purpose. More specifically your deepest pains and struggles are your gateway to your life purpose. It is very common for men to be confused about why they aren’t living their life purpose and also share about their struggles with infidelity, pornography, or other pressing issues. Your primary life purpose is to first deal with the issues in your life that are holding you back. If you have an addiction then your life purpose is to recover from it first.

If you struggle with anger or anxiety then your life purpose is to deal with those issues. Whatever a man is hiding or whatever is holding a man back is the primary gateway to your life purpose. Dealing with those issues and working through them will eventually bring your life purpose to you. It is impossible to do it in reverse order. Finding your life purpose will not magically erase whatever you are struggling with.

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