Infidelity in Men

Infidelity is to be unfaithful to a committed partner or more commonly referred to as cheating.  Infidelity is unfortunately quite common among all individuals and specifically men.  This form of betrayal has a negative impact on the individual being betrayed but also on the man who is betraying.  The trust that would have been built prior to the betrayal becomes lost.

Infidelity Explained

‘Why do men cheat?’; is a very common refrain.  Often women are the ones posing the question.  It is not uncommon to read answers to questions of infidelity that range from men being unhappy with their current partner, wanting a new sexual experience or simply because men are ‘wired’ to look for sex.  Most of the reasons seem to negate what only men know to be true about why they cheat.  The most common reason as to why men are unfaithful to their committed partner is because they are in pain.  Their promiscuity has nothing to do with either their current partner or the individual they are having an affair with.  Most times men who cheat embody the wounded masculinity.  The wounded masculinity is the pervading feeling of being inadequate as a man and fundamentally unlovable which drives them to betray.  From the paradigm of the wounded masculinity men feel essentially powerless and betrayal provides men with a fleeting experience of power.  In securing sex from an individual they feel a temporary sense of power and are able to mask the pain that comes from their sense of being wounded as men.  In the end the experience of infidelity only furthers the negative sense of self.

A truly powerful man would not need to betray a committed partner to feel better about themselves.  That would be out of the frame work of their thought process.  However, this does not of course negate the experience of temptation that will come up for all men.  The truly powerful man will be tempted but will be able to move through the temptation because he will be able to clearly see the emptiness following the temptation would lead to.

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 “The most common reason as to why men are unfaithful to their committed partner is because they are in pain.”