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Dogmatic Spirituality

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Dogmatic Spirituality (Faith)

Dogmatic spirituality (faith) is a term created here to refer to a belief system that has been adopted and has become rigid. Dogmatic spirituality is connected with an inherent arrogance that ones beliefs are not only true but more importantly are superior to all others. There is no openness to a diversity of opinion on the subject. This is not practicing a faith tradition as one can do so without being dogmatic about it. This is more about adopting a very rigid way of life that connection is to a dogmatic belief system.

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Dogmatic Spirituality (Faith) Expanded

When problems arise many men decide on the need for a solution that is both simple and effective.  It is often at these critical moments that a dogmatic spirituality or belief system comes into play.  It could be at this moment that an individual becomes a devout Christian, committed to meditation, or consumed by New Age spirituality. They will experience a certain relief associated with finally finding the right way to live in the world and enjoy the simplicity of following certain rules or practices.   However, they also become troubled when others don’t believe or aren’t interested in their newfound approach to freedom.

They feel good about themselves only when surrounded by like-mind individuals but feel angry and disconnected from others. A dogmatic spirituality or faith is not related to having a healthy spiritual practice. It is healthy for example to be a practicing Catholic if one resonates with that faith tradition. It becomes unhealthy if one uses Catholicism as the ultimate truth at the expense of all others. It is one thing to say that I profess a certain faith but it is something altogether to accuse others of having the wrong faith.


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