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Career & Work Stress

Men Therapy Toronto - Work Stress

Men Therapy Toronto

Career & Work Stress

Career and work stress are experiences common to many individuals. Career and work stress can be a result of many varying factors which may include:

  • Being in a role or doing a job that is not suited to your skill sets and interest
  • Working in a high-stress or high-pressure environment
  • Difficult work relationships (i.e. with a boss or coworkers)
  • Feeling apathetic or uninterested in your job
  • Feeling that you have more to give

For many men career and work are extremely important to them as it is where they get a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. For other men work becomes just the opposite as it becomes proof that they are not the men they believed themselves to be. Stress related to a man’s career and work can impact not only his personal well-being but also all the important relationships in one’s life.

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You are Responsible for Creating Your Career & Work Stress

It is difficult for many individuals to accept that fundamentally they are responsible for creating their career and work stress. This can sound both harsh and even mean. However, in actuality, it is deeply empowering. If an individual is responsible for creating their career & work stress then they are able to change it. Having career and work stress does not negate that maybe you work for a difficult manager or that you are stuck in a job that you absolutely hate. These could be entirely true and accurate. How you process your situation is what actually creates stress in you.

If your focus becomes solely on the situation or individual who you dislike then that will translate into the experience of stress. It need not be the case. It is very important to accept that simply changing an exterior situation will not necessarily remove your career & work stress. It may provide some temporary relief but whatever existed in you that helped to create your career and work stress will follow you wherever you decide to go or whomever you decide to work with.

Treatment for Career & Work Stress

The primary step in working through career and work stress is to turn the focus inwards. There is often a tendency or almost a desire to move towards a fantasy idea of the future which would alleviate all the stress and pain. Often this comes in the form of wanting to make a drastic life change such as starting a new business, changing career, or simply quitting the job.

Making these changes are all very positive except when they are being done from a place of fear. You may realize that you want to change your career however that process does not have to be stressful or unenjoyable.  It can be a pleasurable experience. Career and work stress often point to the fact that something is not functioning in you.

This is not meant to judge the individual but rather to look at the stress as an opportunity to learn more about oneself. As in many cases stress from career and work often come back to how people feel about themselves. If an individual feels not good enough and unworthy then these negative feelings can become triggered within a career environment and lead to the experience of stress.

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