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Men’s Mental Health Issues

Men Therapy Toronto - Intimacy

Men Therapy Toronto

Intimacy for Men

Intimacy is often a difficult word for men to comprehend. It generally gets confused with sex. It is very common for men to believe that engaging in sex with a partner is intimacy. However, this is not always the case. In its healthiest form sex is the positive consequence of intimacy. Yet, intimacy is not confined to a romantic partner. Intimacy is a much broader word that points more directly to the quality and depth of meaningful relationships in one’s life.

To be intimate with another is to open oneself to rich relationships (regardless of the nature of the relationship). All individuals strive for more meaningful and intimate relationships with others. To be intimate requires deep courage because it also means being vulnerable. As a result, many men are literally in terror of being intimate.

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Barriers to intimacy is how we decided to phrase what we believe men generally do or have experienced to avoid exposing themselves to others. These barriers are often done unconsciously and can have very deep roots in past hurts. However, the barriers function to keep others out as many men are terrified that if they are seen for who they are they will be found lacking. These barriers to intimacy are far-reaching and often keep men stuck from being able to fulfill their deep potential. Here is a fairly comprehensive list of barriers to intimacy that negatively impact a man in his life.


Focusing on Men’s Mental Health for a Change

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