Men’s Groups Toronto

A men’s group is a very powerful tool reduce shame in a man’s life and to help a man come out of hiding. It is a deeply powerful experience to share vulnerability with other men in a safe setting and to realize that you are not alone.  When men learn how to become intimate with other men (in a non-sexual way) it generally creates positive impacts in all areas of their life.


    • NEXT GROUP STARTSApril 7, 2018
      • Session Dates:  April 7, 14, 21, 28 & May 5, 12, 26 & June 2nd
    • Duration:  8-Week Men’s Group
    • When:  Saturday mornings 10am – 12pm
    • Group Type:  This is a Process Group  which simply means a Registered Psychotherapists acts as a facilitator but each man has the opportunity to share his experience and get support and feedback from other men in the group.
    • Benefit: This group is ideal for men working through a sex or porn addiction, lack of assertiveness or difficulties with anger or wanting to improve intimacy in life.
    • Fee:  $80/2 hour session however individual must commit to all 8 sessions.  This is ultimately a $640 commitment.
    • Payment:  Option 1:  Pay $640 by debit card or credit card at time of registration.  Option 2:  Pay $320 at time of registration and a second $320 will be taken on April 28, 2018.  Please note that for option 2 – credit card information will be kept of file and the second payment will be processed automatically on April 28, 2018.
    • Insurance:  Yes, only if your extended insurance covers Registered Psychotherapist (RP).
    • Individual Therapy:  All individuals must complete at least one individual therapy session at Men Therapy Toronto before joining a group.  The individual session acts as a screening process for both client and therapist.

Questions or interested in registering for a men’s group?