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How to find a male therapist

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How to Find a Male Therapist in Toronto, ON (GTA)

Finding the right therapist is not easy. Finding the right male therapist sometimes can be even harder.

Part of the problem is that there are generally fewer men working as therapists, psychotherapists, or counselors so the choice is more limited. However, great male therapists are out there and with a little effort, you can find one to help you create the life you want. Here are a few tips and thoughts on how to go about finding a male therapist to work with.

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‘I’m ready to see a male therapist. Where do I find one?’

The obvious first step is figuring out where to find a therapist. Many men who are aware that they have a mental health issue or are ready to do work on a certain area of their life don’t even know where to start looking for help. This would make sense because as a society we don’t make finding therapists (let alone male therapists) very easy.

Word of Mouth

Finding a male therapist via word of mouth is generally how many people find therapists. The benefit of this approach is that generally, it comes with a reference whereby the person referring the therapist will have worked with them and could comment on the quality of the therapist. The downside is that many men are already apprehensive about seeking help and aren’t interested in letting other people know that they are in the process of finding a therapist.

Family Physician (Doctor)

Most family physicians are generally well-connected with mental health services in their community. As a result, asking your family doctor for names of male therapists or counseling centers is a good first step. If you don’t have a family doctor you can also try going into a walk-in clinic as they’d be able to guide you as well.

12 Step Groups

If you are struggling with compulsive behavior or addiction you may want to try attending local 12-step meetings. The meetings are a great support in and of themselves however if you go to enough meetings you will generally hear the names of really good therapists that have helped other individuals. Of course, the therapists mentioned will be ones that have experience with the specific addiction of the 12-step group you are attending. To find links to local 12-step groups in Toronto, ON (GTA) simply view our section on addictions.


The Internet is a primary resource that many individuals use to find a therapist. It can however be somewhat overwhelming.

It is important to remember that the Internet will do a great job of providing names of potential male therapists but you will still have to do work to make sure they are the right fit for you.

This can only be done after communicating with them. Please read this section on questions to ask a male therapist. The list below are resources you can use to find a male therapist in Toronto, Ontario (GTA).

Some have options to search in a wider geographic area.

  • Find a Social Worker – You can search by Toronto & gender of the therapist.  Finding a Registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW) has the additional benefit of being covered by many extended insurance plans.
  • Psychology Today – Therapists pay a monthly fee to appear here. By clicking the link you will find male therapists, psychotherapists & registered social workers offering their services in Toronto, Ontario (GTA).

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“Great male therapists are out there and with a little effort you can find one to help you create the life you want.”