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Men Therapy Toronto - Power


The healthy masculine energy does not use its power to destroy or exploit. The power is used for life-giving purposes. It is important to express that power here is not being described in terms of physical, intellectual, or financial might. Power is being used in the sense of wholeness. For example, a deeply sensitive and intuitive man who has negated the more physical and grounded aspects of his masculinity will not be truly powerful till he does. The man will be lacking wholeness if his entire being is shifted heavily in the direction of sensitivity, emotions, and intuition. Conversely, the man who is dominant in the area of analytical and rational thought without access to his emotions and intuition will also be lacking in wholeness and power.

To be a truly powerful man is to be whole. For the healthy masculine, the experience of power will transform into a personal sense of peace and freedom.

Men Therapy Toronto

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“To be a truly powerful man is to be whole.