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Healthy Masculinity

Men Therapy Toronto - Healthy Masculinity

Healthy Masculinity

Healthy Masculinity is not an end goal or a destination that is reached. It is a life-long striving.

There is no man who is the absolute definition of the healthy masculine. Healthy masculinity can be more accurately viewed as a maturation process. The process of accessing the healthy masculine is one in which the man begins to look at himself courageously and with stark honesty. It is the process of uncovering where one loses power in one’s life. The areas where a man loses power is the exact area that provides a gateway to the healthy masculine. Healthy masculinity can be described as a man who is both strong and tender. A man who is deeply comfortable when surrounded by any type of man. He feels as comfortable in a sports bar with ‘sports jock’ men as he is with men reading poetry in a book reading. He expresses his sexuality honestly and without preying on anyone. He cares about his community as he does for the men and women in it. He is able to honor other men, women, children, and himself.

The healthy masculine is fundamentally about becoming the human being you were born to be.