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Find the Right Male Therapist

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Find the Right Male Therapist in Toronto, ON (GTA)

You may have read our previous section on how and where to find male therapists in Toronto, ON (GTA). This section is focused on how to find the RIGHT male therapist for you. It is important to be very clear and say explicitly that all therapists are not created equally. Just like in any line of work there are individuals who are either just not very good at what they do or shouldn’t be doing the line of work they are doing. It is no different in the field of counseling and therapy.

‘I’m Meeting with a Male Therapist for the First Time’

The first time you meet with a therapist whether it be a male or female it is important that you feel comfortable and safe. Most of the research on counseling and therapy suggests that the therapeutic relationship is the best predictor or indicator of success for the treatment. This does not mean that you are your therapist are friends or friendly but rather that there develops between the two of you a certain level of trust, safety & respect.

Questions to Ask a Your Therapist

In this section, you are looking to find out if this is the right therapist for you. When you first meet with a therapist you are free to ask them questions that relate to their professional experience as you want to get a sense as to whether the therapist can help you. Here are some basic questions that can be helpful to ask.


It would be good to know what institution the therapist graduated from and when. It is helpful to understand what type of training they received. Did they receive training from an accredited institution or was it a certificate program?

Clinical Supervision

Therapists should be getting clinical supervision which means that they work with a more experienced therapist to get guidance on their client cases. It is a best practice for a therapist to have a clinical supervisor. It would be helpful to know if they are actively being supervised

12 Step Groups

If you are struggling with compulsive behavior or addiction you may want to try attending local 12-step meetings. The meetings are a great support in and of themselves however if you go to enough meetings you will generally hear the names of really good therapists that have helped other individuals. Of course, the therapists mentioned will be ones that have experience with the specific addiction of the 12-step group you are attending. To find links to local 12-step groups in Toronto, ON (GTA) simply view our section on addictions.

Registered Member of Respective College

In Ontario there exist two primary colleges of which professional therapists would most likely be a part. The role of a College is to ensure that therapists are competentethical, and accountable. It is important that your therapist be a member in good standing with either of these colleges.

The colleges are:


Years working as a therapist is helpful information however it does not ensure quality.  However, it is still good information for you to know.

Specific Experience

You may want help with a very specific issue and it would be important to ask whether the therapist has experience with that issue. Therapists generally focus on certain areas as it is very difficult to be skilled in treating all problems.

If a therapist reacts negatively to your questioning of him we would consider that a red flag and be mindful. It is normal, educated, and important to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with the professional experience of your therapist. However, therapists are under no obligation to share answers to questions of a personal nature (i.e. martial status, sexual orientation, faith, etc.).

Consult your Intuition

Finding the right male therapist for you fundamentally involves consulting your intuition. Essentially, do you feel like the person sitting across from you is a good person and someone you can trust and feel safe with? You may have a hard time trusting all people but this is more about whether you have a positive feeling once meeting the therapist. When you combine some of the background information about your therapist along with your intuition you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Do I Need to Pay for a First Visit?

Some therapists offer a free 30-minute consultation or a free 50-minute consultation. However, most therapists charge their full fee for a first visit even if you decide against seeing that therapist moving forward. Yes, you may spend a little extra money to find the right therapist but the return to you and for your life will be much greater if you find the right male therapist to work with.

Be Not Afraid to Say NO

You are not hurting a therapist’s feelings if you decide against working with them. The best therapists are very aware that not everyone is a perfect fit. If something just doesn’t feel right with you then just say ‘No, thank you.’ and move on to the next therapist to meet.

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