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Men Therapy Toronto - About Us

Men Therapy Toronto

Counselling Services for Men

Men Therapy Toronto offers counselling, therapy and coaching services for men in Toronto, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area | GTA). Men Therapy Toronto was created with the intention to support men to become the men they want to be. The ultimate goal is to help men fulfill their potential and to live a life of meaning, purpose and authenticity. We do not define or impose what it means to be a man however appreciate that often times ones sense of self as a man can become both a barrier and gateway to health. We also believe that men working with other men at times is paramount in the change process for men.

Why Men Therapy Toronto?

Men Therapy Toronto is not about reclaiming a lost masculinity or about bringing back ‘real men’ or anything related to the proliferation of a pseudo-masculinity. This website is to help men who have at some level hurt themselves by their personal definition of masculinity. It is for men who may feel confused or inadequate with regards to their personal sense of masculinity. Many men respond in two disparate ways when confronted with feeling themselves confused or inadequate as men.

On the one side they they go to extreme levels to compensate for this personal sense of lacking as men and reject all behaviours that would be considered stereo-typically non-masculine. Or on the other side they completely reject all that is connected with the masculine. Each of these extremes keeps the man from being able to experience and express their true power and potential.

Men Therapy Toronto was created to help men become the person and men they want to be. It was created to help support men to live more authentically and to have more meaningful relationships in their lives. It was not created to disseminate an idea or model for what a ‘real man’ should be. The ultimate goal of Men Therapy Toronto is to help men identify where they are getting stuck in their lives and how to move through that in order to fulfill their potential.

Men Therapy Toronto

Important Disclaimer

Everything you read on this website is essentially an opinion that has come to be as a result of educational training and life experience.  If what you read does not resonate with you please simply disregard it.

The words on this website may resonate deeply for one man and may cause another man to roll his eyes in disdain.  The content on this website is not being presented as definitive but rather simply as one of many points of view.

Our interest and intent is to support men who resonate with this material as best we can.  Importantly, we do not have all the answers but rather are doing our best to live lives of integrity as individuals and men.

Men Therapy - About Us Important Disclaimer


Focusing on Men’s Mental Health for a Change

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