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Psychotherapy Services Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool for men to help develop emotional awareness and make more optimal choices. We offer individual psychotherapy services with licensed psychotherapists. Our Virtual Drop-In program offers men one session at no cost with our University Master's Student Practicum Therapist. The New Face of Courage Start Psychotherapy Virtual drop-in Trauma Therapy It's not about what happened, but it is about what that little boy believed about himself and the world as a result of what happened. Recovery from trauma is possible and involves reconnecting with your true self. Our psychotherapists offer EMDR, Brian Spotting and other trauma-informed therapies to help you move past your past. Reconnect With Yourself Meet Our Therapists Men's Sex Addiction Sex or porn addiction can be better described as an intimacy disorder rooted in deep pain. Its impact can be devastating on all involved. Our Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) are trained to help men recover their addiction and share the gifts they were born to share. It's Not About Sex Learn More For Partners Healthy Masculinity Our next 8-WEEK HEALTHY MASCULINITY & SEXUALITY ONLINE MEN'S GROUP starts September 24, 2024. A men’s group is a very powerful tool to reduce shame in a man’s life and to help a man come out of hiding.
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The Power of Men’s Groups

A men’s group is a very powerful tool to reduce shame in a man’s life and to help a man come out of hiding. It is a deeply powerful experience to share vulnerability with other men in a safe setting and to realize that you are not alone.

Serving Men Across Ontario

All our licensed psychotherapists are members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) or The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) and are able to provide psychotherapy services to men across all of Ontario. Whether you live in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Windsor, London, etc. you can see one of our psychotherapists virtually or come visit-in-person in our Toronto offices.

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Men Therapy What are Porn Reboot Communities

What Are Porn Reboot Communities and Why Do Men Turn to Them?

There are as many definitions of pornography as there are categories of the subject in question. These definitions range from artistic expressions of what it means to be human, to depictions of depraved acts that should never see the light of day.

Men Therapy When No Fap Porn Reboot Fails

When NoFap/Porn Reboot Fails

Popular approaches, even apparently common-sense ones, do not always work, and in some cases may be harmful. Even researchers can fall into the trap of mistaking widely-held, albeit incorrect, ideas as “scientific”.

Men Therapy Getting Help With Problematic Porn Use

Getting Help With Problematic Porn Use

Instead of focusing on porn use, a better approach is to treat the root cause of distress surrounding porn use. As discussed in the first article in this series, distress regarding porn use does not exist in isolation. There are thoughts and beliefs that are related to how men view porn that ultimately result in a negative experience.